Apryl's Story

Apryl has been diagnosed with aggressive and rare form of breast cancer known as Inflammatory Breast Cancer back in March, 2016.  She is at the Stage IV and was 7 months pregnant at the time of her diagnosis.  Our husbands  own a small business together and they are partners.  Right away when I heard about this, my heart dropped down.   I felt I couldn't just do nothing and watch them suffer through the fight.  But what can I do?  Apryl is a beautiful person who actually enjoys being photographed.  I talked to Apryl about me documenting her fight with this evil cancer .  Because I knew already that Apryl actually enjoys being photographed and because she is such a brave person, I knew that she might say yes and she did.  She was in all the way.    

The diagnosis came as a complete shock to everyone who knows Apryl as she is a toughest athlete you ever meet. She climbed on 1,311 stairs at Columbia Towner in Seattle only a week before her diagnosis, 7-months-pregnant, to raise money for Leukemia and Lymphoma society.  I started photographing her after she asked me to take her pregnancy shots while she still has her hair and before the chemo treatment.  She was 7 months pregnant.  She gave birth 2 months later to a beautiful and healthy baby girl, Heaven.  

Giving birth and raising two small children is a lot for any women even if you are perfectly healthy.   On top of it, Apryl has to deal with cancer treatment, side effects and other never-ending medical procedures.  But she is fighting strongly and taking one positive step at a time.  

Sharing her story in this photo essay is another and a very strong way for Apryl to support other women with similar circumstances.  Be brave and keep fighting.

I will be adding more images here in the blog section as I capture every step of her journey.

Images © Rika Manabe 2016