Update on Apryl's Fight with Cancer

It's been 6 months since I posted the story about Apryl and her fight with inflammatory breast cancer.  I am incredibly happy to report that she BEAT the cancer against her doctor's adds.  Apryl went through rounds of chemotherapy after giving birth to Baby Haven.  It was hard to watch her losing her hair, weight and going through emotional and physical stress while taking care of a toddler and baby every single day.  We heard at the beginning of her treatment that the tumor had spread to her liver and that was a big blow.  But in the end though, the chemo worked.  She still had a mastectomy to remove her right breast.  I visited her before the surgery.  She truly is a brave and strong woman to say the least.  She looked very nervous and I'm sure that she was afraid.  But she wasn't upset or feeling sorry for herself.  She decided to live no matter what it takes.  All cancers are evil.  But her case...  To be honest, I can't stop thinking every time I see her and her family, why do they have to go through this?  Apryl is probably the fittest and healthiest person I know (apart from this cancer).  She wanted lots of babies and big family.  That was her dream.  Apryl and Peter are good people.  They serve food at homeless shelters, run for charities all the time, kind to their friends and families. 

She is a trooper.  I am grateful that she had me around during her treatments and surgeries to document her journey.  Now Apryl goes to physical therapy and chemo treatment every 3 weeks. Probably for the rest of her life to be sure that the cancer doesn't come back.  It is nice to see her more relaxed and ready to go back full swing with enjoying her normal life.  

One thing I always told Apryl and truly believe why she beat this cancer was her positive attitude to fight and live.  She embraced the support from everyone and was very active about researching and talking to medical staff or other patients. I think positive mental energy is important for survival. Apryl and I want to share her story with images to encourage and support people like her.  I will be editing all the images I have so far and hope to share them with public.  If you are interested in publishing the story, please feel free to contact me.  rika@riakoto.com

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