Mexico 2017

Hi! We went to Puerto Vallarta back in February to get away from the cold wet nasty weather in Seattle which we are still having in MAY! Crazy. I wish I were there right now.

Street photography is the heart of my photography and I too some while the vacation.  Puerto Vallarta is a very well known tourist resort and I was skeptical of seeing anything too interesting or authentic.  But boy I was wrong. I had one of the most interesting trips.  I think because people who live there are very open and kind and don't mind the tourists living amongst themselves.  I felt welcomed even in the middle of nowhere.  I was there only for 5 days and wish I had more time to explore deeper.  I highly recommend seeing how Mexican natives live there instead of staying at your comfy superficial resort.  Rent a car, get out and see the culture and people!  There are so much to see and learn. 

  • Location:  Puerto Vallerta and Beyond, Mexico
  • Season: Feburary 
  • #puertovallerta #mexico #streetphotography